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We are large producers of soft citrus and table grapes but also supply other products such as deciduous and hard citrus.

  • We provide access to many of our prime products and in particular some of the niche varieties propagated over the years. These include the Midnight Beauty (black seedless) grapes and Late Mandarins (Nadorcott, Orri, Mor).

  • Thanks to the production on our farms we are able to offer a more diverse selection of products all year round.
Pack houses
  • Our own pack houses and partnerships with key pack houses mean that we are able to control the quality of the product we pack.
  • This also includes control of the use of pesticides to meet global import requirements and the required quality specifications.
  • We strive to obtain good returns for our fruit and are aware that our customers also need to prosper.
  • Through our unique arrival procedures we help you get the best returns possible.
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