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Niche Fruit, a Suiderland Farms initiative, is a South African fruit exporter that specializes in supplying fruit to customers around the world. We are a producer joint venture which allows us to service our customers with a dedicated supply of fruit from Suiderland Farms. We prefer to work with select key customers and ensure sound delivery through our unique arrival procedures. 


Niche Fruit supplies leading importers with stone fruit, table grapes, apples, pears and citrus from South Africa. The venture was established in 2005. Our directors are experienced marketers who have worked in North America and the Middle East.

Through our partnership with Suiderland Farms and Horizon we manage the full logistics function from farm to pack house to overseas destinations.


We are a member of the Fresh Produce Exporters Forum (FPEF).


Anton Bonnema
Managing Director

Anton Bonnema has worked in the fruit industry since 1994 when he was based in the Middle East for five years working for one of the largest importers in the region. This experience as an importer has proven invaluable for customers as he has an acute understanding of customer requirements and expectations.

On his return to his home country South Africa in 1999 he gained local experience developing a network of reputable and reliable producers and importers locally and internationally. These relationships led him to form Niche Fruit in partnership with Suiderland Farms in 2005.  He has instilled in the business his values of integrity, transparency and excellence.

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